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Still on the Sound

A Seasonal Look at Island Life

Michael Faulkner

Blackstaff Press (2009)

“The author is a born story-teller. He writes simply and clearly but to great effect – a classic example of the art that conceals art. He can capture a scene or situation in only a few words, with controlled precision & vivid immediacy. His economy of language, wonderful turns of phrase and eye for telling detail are the marks of a first-class writer. There's a kaleidoscopic variety of interest and emotional tone as the book progresses through the four seasons of the year, beginning with winter – and George! Wit and good humour abound. Most importantly, everything he writes about (and reflects upon) radiates great generosity of spirit, humane concern for all living things & the world we merely share, not own. To read this book is a

heart-warming, life-affirming experience.”

Dr Chris Carter

“A richly evocative sequel to The Blue Cabin … It should be heading for the library of anyone who loves Ireland, Ulster, and Strangford Lough.”

Patrick Taylor, New York Times bestselling author of An Irish Country Doctor


For more information on my own books and on island life, including reviews, extracts, videos and background, see The Blue Cabin website.

The Blue Cabin

Living by the Tides on Islandmore

Michael Faulkner

Blackstaff Press (2006)

“From chapter one of The Blue Cabin Michael Faulkner exhibits a natural storytelling gift and a sureness with words, and also with rhythm, on which his phrases and sentences surf and maintain their momentum … The book is a heartwarming read, full of perception and gentle wit. Whether Faulkner’s book is a classic in the making only posterity will judge. In the meantime, it makes the winter more bearable by the page.”

Scotland on Sunday (for the full text of this review click here)

“Enchanting, funny, touching...”

Belfast Telegraph

“A gem of a book.”


“A magical book...”

News Letter


Irish Times

Gentle Giant

A History of John Thompson & Sons

Michael Faulkner

Blackstaff Press (2013)

Richly illustrated with over seventy-five photographs, Gentle Giant is the story of one of Northern Ireland’s most innovative companies and gives a compelling insight into the shared histories of manufacturing and agriculture in Northern Ireland.

John Thompson & Sons is the largest multi-species feed mill in Europe. It is also a renowned Belfast company, with a rich history and pedigree; and its logo – the Clydesdale, known affectionately as ‘the gentle giant’ – is known to farmers across Northern Ireland.

Thompsons has been part of the city since 1870, when its founder John Thompson left his family’s County Antrim farm and opened his first mill in Beresford Street.

This book charts the company’s history: the story of the Thompson family; the company’s expansion down the years; the destruction of the mill in the Easter Blitz of 1941; the pioneering changes that Thompsons made in feed milling and animal nutrition; and the vision, business acumen and strong long-term business relationships that helped Thompsons grow its business when many others struggled to survive.

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