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Privacy policy

I am Michael Faulkner, owner of Michael Faulkner Editorial Services, operating as a sole trader and based between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What data I hold, and why

I take clients’ privacy seriously. I do not maintain a client database, nor do I operate a subscription service of any kind, so in that sense I do not actively collect and collate personal data. However, in order to do business I require the name, email and postal address of clients. These details are provided by post, email or phone before or during a project, and are the minimum necessary for communication and invoicing, and in order to keep proper records for HMRC. In addition, I hold the documents on which I have worked or am working for clients, or which have been provided by prospective clients as samples. Sometimes these documents will contain personal data – for example, information disclosed in an autobiographical work.

Storage, safeguarding and use of data

I do not maintain a client mailing list or database. Client details as above are provided to me by email or phone and are used purely on a project-by-project basis in order to carry out editorial work. I have a password-protected Microsoft Outlook email account. Emails (including email addresses) and clients’ documents are stored on a laptop computer and backed up to a single external hard drive and to a password-protected Dropbox account.

Sharing of data

I never share clients’ documents or personal details with third parties except with clients’ consent or on their instructions.

How long data is stored

I retain client details, including email or postal exchanges and documents provided in the course of editorial work, for at least seven years to satisfy HMRC record-keeping requirements. Thereafter, I am happy to permanently delete all details and documents at the request of individual clients (see below, ‘Accessing your data’).

Web hosting services

I use Google Analytics and Site Meter to log visits to my website, but beyond (sometimes) revealing IP addresses these services do not provide any personal details. I do not operate any subscription services or form-based enquiry system via my website – prospective clients are referred to the email address on the Contact page of the website.

Accessing your data

I am happy to provide clients – past, present or prospective – with a record of any personal details I hold, and to amend or delete them at their request. My email address is on the Contact page of this website.

Actions in the event of a security breach

Incoming and outgoing emails and email recipients’ addresses are stored in a password-protected Outlook account on a laptop computer and backed up to a single external hard drive. If my account is, or appears to have been, compromised I will inform all the contacts in my Outlook address book, including clients past and present, and change my email address.

Michael Faulkner 31/5/18

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